My Notes and Understandings

General framework
[8051 Mind Map]

Latex and R Markdown
[R Markdown Template], [LaTex Template]

Relavant readings:

  1. LATEX Tutorials: A PRIMER
  2. The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX 2ε
  3. Latex Mathematical Symbols
  4. Introduction to R Markdown
  5. Latex Error: 'Sweave.sty' not found?
  6. Adding Sweave.sty and Rd.sty to your LaTeX path in Mac OS X

Linear Models
Basic Analysis in R:
[lab notes], [Rmd file]


  1. RSS Chi-Square Intuition and Derivation
  2. One-sided t-test rejection region
  3. Why do we test linear combination of coefficients?
Relavant readings:
How is 95% CI calculated using confint in R?

Helpful Resources

A good website for books and journals: Library Genesis
A good snipping tool for LaTex: Mathpix