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Google Cloud Notes

Connect to your instance

  • Compute Engine -> VM instances -> SSH downside triangle -> View gcloud command
  • Paste the command to your terminal

Use FileZilla on Google Cloud Platform

System is MacOS. Credit to Using FileZilla with Google Cloud Platform on OSX. Windows users can check this post.

  1. Generate ssh key on your local laptop.
    • ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/wp-ssh-key -C [USERNAME] You can find [USERNAME] on the terminal after you connect to the instance.
    • chmod 400 ~/.ssh/wp-ssh-key Restrict access.
    • cat ~/.ssh/ Obtain and copy the contents of public key.
  2. Paste the ssh key on GCP.
    • Compute Engine -> Metadata -> SSH Keys -> Edit -> +Add item -> paste the public key -> Save
  3. Use the ssh key to connect to your instance
    • ssh -i ~/.ssh/wp-ssh-key [USERNAME]@[IP_ADDRESS] [IP_ADDRESS]is the external IP of the instance.
  4. Set up FileZilla
    • Edit -> Settings… -> SFTP -> Add key file… First copy ~/.ssh/wp-ssh-key to some place then choose it.
    • Fill in the information in the interface. Host: sftp://[IP_ADDRESS], Username: [USERNAME].
    • Quickconnect
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.