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Configure My Mac

New updates are added to the front of this blog.

Update date: Apr. 8


Since several keybindings of Emacs conflict with Mac OSX, I changed some keyboard settings. System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Input Sources, I changed the shortcut for “Select the previous input source” to “ctrl + shift + space” to enable using “C-" in Emacs.

ssh config and .bash_aliases

Update date: Feb. 19

  • Add shortcut to ssh, by modifying .ssh/config. For example, I can directly connect to the Lind cluster using ssh cse-lind.
  • Create ~/.bash_aliases file and create short cut in command line. Reference. Then run source ~/.bash_profile.

Softwares installed

  • Daily Tools
    • Be Focused
    • Wunderlist
    • CheatSheet (show shortcuts)
    • Dr. Unarchiver
    • Clocker (show worldwide time)
    • Spectacle (split screen)
    • Grammarly (check grammar)
    • EuDic
    • Typist
  • Developing Tools
    • Pycharm
    • CLion
    • Anaconda
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Octave (do scentific computation, just like Matlab)
    • R
    • RStudio
    • Python 3.7 (have modified its alias in the .bash_profile to be python3)

Configurations modified

  • Modify the alias of python3.7
    alias python3="/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/bin/python3.7"
  • Set multiple accounts in Git, by using ssh to connect. Refer details in Git Notes.

  • Open the firewall of Mac in order to allow box to work. (On the Security & Privacy part in System Preferences)

  • Change the port of the jekyll blog to 5000, since the previous port 4000 conflicts with Nomachine and box.

Configuration in softwares


  • Add the terminal shortcut: command + `
    1. write a shell file containing the following two lines, in my case, I save it as
        open -a Terminal "`pwd`"
    2. Xcode Preferences -> Behaviors -> User ‘+’ to add a new behavior -> set the shortcuts -> in the right pane Run, choose to run
  • Adjust the font sizes.
    1. Close all of the projects
    2. Select the items that need font change
    3. Change the font and size. See details.
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