Posts Organize my Day for Maximum Productivity

Organize my Day for Maximum Productivity

This blog contains several tips to help organize my day. See references below.

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  1. Set up a morning ritual. Starting your day the same way can signal to your mind it’s game on and motivate you to get the ball rolling.

    • Choose the early morning run, which release the dopamine to motivate me.
  2. Sit up straight. This posture allows me to take full and deep breath and take in enough oxygen.

    • walking and standing while work would help.
    • Could set some reminders to form the habit of getting up out of the seat.
  3. Plan your schedule around your energy.

  4. Create incentives for completing tasks.
    • stick to using the tomato software.
  5. Drink water.

  6. Get up at 5:30 AM.

  7. Treating failure like gold How can I learn from this? My Mistakes <-> My lessons

  8. Ignoring conformity.
    • Innovation.
    • Be yourself.
    • Avoid comparison trap. Think for oneself, what have I learnt today.
  9. Read every day.
    • Relax.
    • Knowledge.
    • Lessen pressure.
  10. Spend money. Shift focus from current expense to potential benefits.

  11. Make sacrifices.
    • Time, Love, Work.
  12. Creative writing.

  13. Mild procrastination.
    • Active/strategic procrastination.
  14. Self-improvement.
    • Better yourself.
    • Don’t see success as to be the top.
    • Learning never stops.
  15. Newworking.
    • It’s all about who you know. More than just talking. Focus on keep a lasting relationship.

    • Join a group of people.

  16. Exercise consistently.

  17. Daily meditation.
    • 20 minutes.

    • Decide the form of meditation.

  18. Stick with a routine.

  19. Get rid of your phone.

  20. Get more sleep.

  21. Schedule everyting.

  22. Win the morning, win the day.

  23. Take in more Magnesium.
    • spinach
    • chard
    • bananas
    • almonds
    • avocado
  24. Drink a warm cup of milk before sleep.

  25. Get more exercise.

  26. Drink plenty of water.

  27. Laugh. -> more oxyen.

  28. Focus on the positive side.

  29. Motivate yourself.

  30. Food habits. Strong breakfast. Drink more water. Eat less food.

  31. Master your mind. Find what you are doing is interesting. Change the life into that inspires you.

  32. Exercise for the first thirty minutes in the morning.

  33. When feeling tired, go out for a walk! Enough exposure to sunshine. When in winter, ensure enough Vitamin D takein.
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