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UMN Life Begins

The first day in UMN (August 21)

Tired but excited, I arrived at the MSP in the morning with friends. It was fortunate for us to have a senior delivering us to the apartment. The first dish in Minnesota was an American breakfast. I have to admit that the food here is of large volume.

After settling down, I went out, hoping to buy some daily necessities. However, the stores here don’t provide most of what I wanted. Back to the apartment, I spent almost 2 hours searching for the information of these items on Amazon. Why I didn’t do this during the summer vacation?! My first day would be much easier had I prepared enough at home. Too late to regret.

Although it is not about studying, plan needs to be made ahead of time and I should keep an eye on my executing efficiency.

Wish me a sweet dream! Tomorrow would be a bright day!

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